Quarantine as Breakfast

I wake up wanting what i always want. first something sweet. a slice of cake, or maybe some coffee ice cream as a treat. i find some stale cake on the stove. (how many days has it been there?) secondly a drink. no, not water. water is boring now. i find some green tea in the fridge. at first i think it’s pickle juice.

I’m still hungry so, i eat a reasonable American breakfast. fried potatoes and some sausage.

I’m still hungry so i return to the kitchen again. this time i want a bagel with cream cheese. the bagels are outside in the freezer. after making my way semi-naked through the front of my garage i get to the freezer. most of the bagels are freezer burnt. there are bags upon bags of them. shriveled, pale like they’re blood has been drained. i choose one. it’s boring and tasteless but i don’t trust the others. after it’s toasted i spread some cream cheese on it. sadly it’s low fat. i accidentally drop half on the floor.

I’m hungry again. this time i eat a cheese croissant off the shelf. it’s filled with soggy cheese sauce. i finish eating it because i hate myself more then i hate wasting food. i try a spoon of sunbutter to remove the after taste. but sunbutter is thick. it makes the muscles in the back of my neck ache trying to swallow it. after a few minutes of staring out the window i put the spoon in the sink.

I have no desire to write about dinner.

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